Travel: It's Emotional

Tania on Travel
One year, one week and three days.
That’s how long I’ve been back in Cape Town. Loving it? Of course. Itching to be somewhere else? Definitely!

I’ve grown to accept that it is in my nature to be constantly on the move discovering new places, new experiences and new adventures. Apparently, it’s part of my DNA.
Knowing, or rather, choosing to accept that particular study as the whole truth and nothing but the truth makes me crave for the unknown even more. Not just the unknown though, I want to rediscover all the wonderful places I’ve visited and lived.

And I wonder...

Could it be possible that when we travel to a new place we leave a part of our souls behind? And this yearning we experience is actually not for the place itself, but to reunite with our souls?

It makes sense to me.

Because travelling is emotional- it’s all about feeling. The feeling of freedom when you step off a plane, warm golden rays kissing your face as you wander through narrow cobblestone streets. The feeling of awe as you stare into endless shades of blue, your footprints in the sand and gentle waves tickling your toes.

It is the feeling of discovery, excitement, freedom and strangely, the feeling of peace...

Is travelling emotional for you?

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