Leaving Home

Sea Point, Cape Town
View of Sea Point Promenade

I remember everything as if it was yesterday. The tears, the fear in their eyes. Saying goodbye was hard. Well, it was more of a farewell than a goodbye, as I would only be away for six months. But it was my first time leaving home.

I had not even been on a plane before, and now I had four flights and combined layovers of 24 hours awaiting me. I was ecstatic.
Boarding passes in hand and cheeks still glistening with tears, my passport received its first stamp: Departure. 2005-12-05. Cape Town International Airport. I was on my way...

Panama Canal Lock
Panama Canal

When I was younger, I would circle names of countries on an atlas and then look them up in "Webster's New World Encyclopedia". Once my curiosity was sated, and if the country sounded enchanting (it always did), I would jot it down in a notebook- as part of my "to visit" list- I suppose you could call it my bucket list.

My opportunity finally arrived a year after graduating from Technikon (or Technical University). I decided to work on a cruise ship for a single contract of 6 months, go back home and continue in my chosen profession. But the stars had something else planned for me entirely.

Six months turned into four years on ships, two years living in the Caribbean, two years in Cape Town and I've been living in Macedonia for the past year.

Who knows what will happen next...

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